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National Safe Boating Week 2019: How To Do Your Part

Every year in May, the National Safe Boating Council launches a week-long initiative to raise awareness about the importance of life jacket safety. This year’s global effort, called National Safe Boating Week 2019, is focused on responsible boating and encourages boaters to always wear a life jacket while on the water. You can help spread awareness about National Safe Boating Week 2019 and boating safety by attending events and getting involved on social media.


  • May 17, 2019 is Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day. Take a photo of you wearing your life jacket at work and share on social media with the hashtags #lifejacket2work and #safeboating.
  • May 18-24, 2019 is National Safe Boating Week 2019.
  • Various dates: Ready, Set, Wear It...
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10 Hottest New Baits from the Bassmaster Classic

Every July, all eyes fall on ICAST for a look at next year’s new tackle. While it’s certainly the biggest, collective launch of new product in the industry, it’s not the only one. It’s not even the first.

The Outdoor Expo at the Bassmaster Classic, held in March on the Tennessee River, was the first opportunity for manufacturers to show off new gear. While the bulk of 2020 line-ups won’t be unveiled until ICAST, the Bassmaster Classic featured brand-new products well before the entire industry descends on Orlando this summer. Showcased bass lures, rods, reels and the like are immediately available for purchase, and Elite Anglers in the tourney heavily fish other “New for ‘19” product that has just hit the shelves.

There was no shortage of new lures released at the 2019 Ba...

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Three Differences with Split grip rods

As with many aspects of fishing gear, personal preference plays a large role. For example, when comparing split grip rods to the standard full grip rod type, there are reasons which can influence angler selection. Here are some factors which may help you decide if split grip fishing rods are right for you.

1. Weight Reduction

Split grip rods are missing part of the grip and have more of the “blank” (interior rod component) exposed.   A full grip may weigh several ounces more, but it adds up over time and hundreds of casts.  Rod builder, Mike Woodward of Woody’s Custom Rods, prefers split grip fishing rods for almost all his rods because “it is lighter and easier to cast and work for a long day.

2. Sensitivity

The jury is still out here...

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Best Trout Lures

I’ve got a few tattoos, one of which is a big hook-jaw brown on my leg. It’s fair to say that trout are my favorite freshwater species, and I’ve been fishing for them since I was a wee tiny tyke standing on the shores of Rosedale Lake near my childhood home in New Jersey. Since then I’ve chased every kind of trout in every kind of water, from opening-day stockers in Pennsylvania, to wild Rocky Mountain cutthroats, to behemoth browns in the Ozarks and beyond. I love them all, and over the years, I’ve come to rely on a variety of lures that get the line tight, time and time again.

I’ve also met trout addicts from all walks of life, all over the country, and I’ve absorbed the wisdom tied to their favorite lures, even if they didn’t become “go-to” baits on my home waters...

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