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Idle Firearms are a SHTF Liability

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Any mechanical device that goes unused will eventually fall into non-readiness. The same goes for the user. Guns that are bought with the intent of becoming the defensive front line of self-protection during a SHTF event should be used regularly and well maintained.

So many times working gun shows, I work with people looking to buy prepper guns for self-defense, concealed carry, or other uses. When they finally select a gun to purchase, they rarely buy ammunition on the spot. Do they not intend to fire the gun, or even learn to shoot it and practice with it regularly? In many cases that never happens.

Having such a gun in the house if you do not ever intend to use it, is a total waste...

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Colorado Congressman Pushes Gun Control Agenda on Students


Rather Than Eat Crow, Congressman Files Bill To Block ‘Colorado Loophole’

After spurring a walk-out by students angered that gun-control zealots had hijacked a vigil to honor a fallen classmate and those injured in a school shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch near Denver, Colorado first-year Democratic Congressman Jason Crow offered no apologies.

In fact, to add legislative activism to tone-deaf insult, the very next day Crow introduced a federal bill to close what he called an “obvious loophole” that allowed a woman to buy a shotgun in Colorado days before the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Crow introduced H.R. 2634 on May 9th...

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