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The A. H. Fox Sterlingworth

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


It should be without reckless abandon to venture into the world of collecting double barreled shotguns. It is wrought with many a lowland swamps designed to sink you to the waist and suck out all of your hard earned deposits. If you get the itch, be careful how hard your scratch.

Of all the stories, tales, renditions, tomes, and sad laments by a multitude of outdoor writers, double gun hunters, and collectors, it seems more tears have wetted the cheeks of well-meaning gentlemen over the buying, selling, trading, and using of twin barrel shotguns than any other gun, save maybe old Winchester levers and Colt Single Action Army’s. It is a realm not to be entered into by the faint of heart or the shallow of pocketbook.

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